Revere Suburban Realty Corp. has set forth the following requirements to be met by each individual who makes application for rental.  The company has established these requirements to protect the rights of, and contribute to the positive experience for the residents in the apartment communities or commercial spaces owned/managed by Revere Suburban Realty Corp.
 Your application will be processed once we have received all of the following information :

.         Signed Consumer Notice
·         Social Security Card/Number
·         State or Federal Government Issued Photo ID
·         Income documentation for the most recent 30-day period
·         Current housing and employment Information
·         Thirty-five dollar ($35.00) non-refundable application fee for each Applicant.

We will not accept cash or credit cards.  We are only able to accept cashier's checks or money orders in the Leasing Office. Other payment options are accepted if an application is submitted online. No exceptions will be made.
We will run a credit check and criminal background check on each potential resident over the age of eighteen (18).
Primary and Co-Applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age, due to the restrictions regarding information retrieval on individuals under the age of majority.
Management takes several things into consideration when reviewing applications for rental. The credit history of an applicant is considered essential in the process. If an applicant has a strong credit report, i.e. no bankruptcy, judgments, outstanding accounts in collection status, profit and loss write-offs, etc., it is more likely for the application to progress to the next step. If the credit report shows a negative rating or a number of accounts in past due status,or criminal activity the application may be declined.
Once the above requirements have been met; we will verify all the information collected with the application.  Management prefers to see at least two (2) years’ history on the same job and a solid rental/housing history.  Two (2) years in the same location will be considered adequate. Management will expect the monthly rental amount to be no more than three and one half times the combined monthly gross income generated by the residents in any apartment.
The approval process can take up to ten (10) days. You will be contacted as soon as possible with Management’s decision about your application.